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A partial denture is crafted from special materials meant to replicate the basic form and function of your missing teeth. Depending on its location in your mouth the denture might also incorporate some basic hardware components to help marry it temporarily with the surrounding natural teeth.

While it is intended to be durable long-term wear and tear from consuming hard foods can have a gradual effect on a partial denture. This is even more likely to be an issue if you have a bad habit of crunching on ice or nervously nibbling on desktop items.

If any part of your partial denture is chipped, bent, or compromised in some way it could cause discomfort or even lead to a failure with the dental appliance.

In a situation like this, the wisest course of action is to have Dr. Jason Brown and his staff examine your partial denture. Once he has assessed the severity of the problem, he can help find the most effective method for repairing or replacing the unit.

If you are in the Naperville, Illinois, area and you are having a problem with your partial denture you should call 630-245-0200 to speak with one of the staff specialists at North Pointe Dental Care.