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One of the biggest oral health risks to your teeth and gums occurs in the form of dental erosion. Dental erosion, also referred to as enamel erosion, occurs when harmful acids in your mouth contribute to enamel wear. If your tooth enamel is slowly being worn down, holes can form, which are known as cavities. Thus, it is important to prevent dental erosion to ensure that cavities will not arise.

One of the biggest risks for enamel erosion is due to plaque. Plaque buildup in your mouth is a thin layer on your teeth that consists of debris and bacteria. Plaque can convert harmful substances in your mouth, such as sugars and starches, into acids that contribute to dental erosion. To help eliminate plaque, always remember to brush and floss daily and implement cleaning routines as needed. This can include rinsing out your mouth after eating with mouthwash or other non-abrasive cleaning tools.

Beyond plaque buildup, several other causes for dental erosion can occur. This includes the presence of acid reflux disease, medications that produce dry mouth as a side effect and various other environmental factors. Even genetic predispositions can make you more likely to suffer from dental erosion. Thus, implement an effective cleaning routine and healthy lifestyle choices and food selections to keep your smile safe.

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