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If you are in the market to receive an orthodontic treatment that is very discreet while shifting your teeth into alignment, as well as avoid the unfortunate stigma that many patients receive from wearing bulky metal braces, we can offer Invisalign®️. You may not have known previously, but the development of braces and aligners over the years have changed them a lot so that they can offer more discreet and cosmetic systems that are hard to see with the eye. We invite you to learn more about Invisalign clear aligners and the benefits these cosmetic orthodontics can offer your smile.

Invisalign aligners use a durable and clear material that causes them to be virtually invisible so that even your friends and family will not easily notice your appliance while it’s being worn. With Invisalign, you can successfully experience the process of achieving a straight smile without the accompanying stigma of braces that has affected patients in the past. With proper care and use, your Invisalign aligners can enhance the appearance and alignment of your smile and achieve beautiful results with straight teeth.

By choosing orthodontic treatment that is also cosmetic and removable, you can enjoy many of the same perks as traditional orthodontic treatment, as well as receive some more unique benefits. For example, the removable ease of the aligners prevents the need for food restrictions so that your diet isn’t restricted during treatment. Instead, you can remove your aligners easily when you are about to eat and enjoy foods of all kinds without your appliance receiving damage, and then snap the aligner back into place when finished so you can continue your treatment.

If you are considering Invisalign in Naperville, Illinois, and would like to see our doctor, Dr. Jason Brown, for a consultation at North Pointe Dental Care, we invite you to contact us at 630-245-0200 today.