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When was the last time you had an oral cancer exam screening from your dentist? If you haven’t had one in the past six months, you need to visit the dentist to check for possible symptoms of oral cancer in the throat, neck, or mouth. Dr. Jason Brown and his dental professionals are committed to provide the right dental and oral care for your health.

Cancerous tissues can be found in the cheeks, lips, gums, throat, and neck. Symptoms include painful sores and/or discoloration in the mouth. Pain in the throat, neck, bite, or ears can be signs as well as a persistent feeling in the back of the throat or soreness. If you experience bleeding that can’t be explained, extreme pain, and/or unexplained swallowing or breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

Inform your children at a young age the risks that can cause oral cancer. These include tobacco and heavy alcohol use, malnutrition, obesity, sun exposure, and not enough exercise. Other ways of oral cancer to erupt are inherited immune disorders, hormones or mutations, chemicals, or infections left untreated. Giving your children preventive knowledge against oral cancer will help your children protect themselves and others in the future.

Be sure to visit North Pointe Dental Care here in Naperville, Illinois, biannually to receive an oral cancer screening. Again, if your symptoms are extreme, immediately seek medical attention. Give us a call to set up an appointment at 630-245-0200 and receive a screening!