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You probably know that infections can be a fairly serious problem. Similarly, you may know that your body can generally fight off infections, but would you be surprised to hear that you’ll need professional help for an infection inside your tooth? Similarly, you could need to visit our team if you have an abscess. Still, do you know what the differences between infections and abscesses are?

Sadly, your body won’t be able to fight off a tooth infection, so you could need root canal therapy. It’s important that you get this treatment for a number of reasons. For instance, you could experience extreme pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, and your tooth may even die. Furthermore, your infection can spread. If this infection spreads to your jaw bone, an abscess could form.
Luckily, your body can fight off an abscess on its own. Still, since an infection causes your abscess, and because your infection won’t fade, abscesses are difficult to avoid. You may have an abscess if you have a lump on your gums. You may also experience swollen gums.

Of course, there are a few things you may consider doing if you’re interested in avoiding infections in the first place. For instance, brushing, flossing, and visiting our team once every six months are important steps. You should also remember to follow a healthy diet.

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